South Lebanon Villages


South Lebanon Villages recline at an altitude of 500 to 1100m. The towns and villages in South Lebanon are still so ancient to remind people of their culture.

Nowadays South of Lebanon is booming by the opening of some resorts and pubs in summer were people are heading to the South to gather there.

Spending a Sunday in Tyre, Saida, Gezzine, Qana will be one of the memorable day where u can enjoy the beauty of the nature and visit some ancient castles that age thousand of years.

South of Lebanon is known with its fruits apple, banana, and olives.

To spend a few days in South of Lebanon it is recommended that u try hotels in the South in Tyre and Saida so you can enjoy walking and to meet the Lebanese old villages and its beauty. Al Fanar Restaurant & Auberge is a very nice place where you can see the nearby ruins with the best Lebanese food and a welcoming staff.

As for Saida there is also Yaacoub Hotel where you can stay and enjoy the ancient of the place.



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